[LUCKY TV] EP.73 'MIC ON 2' 정세운과 MIC CHECK ON 2!

게시일 2021. 02. 19.
Artist : 정세운(JEONG SEWOON)
Album: 1ST ALBUM [24] PART 2
Release date : 2021.01.06
iTunes Download : music.apple.com/us/album/24-part-2-ep/1547246630?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes
Spotify Download : open.spotify.com/album/43xZhTwfBW3tsmtjTuT3XM
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Official Twitter : jeongsewoon_twt
Official Facebook : OfficialJeongsewoon
Official Instagram: official_jeongsewoon
Official Daum Fan Cafe : cafe.daum.net/official-jeongsewoon
Official Weibo : weibo.com/jeongsewoon
VLIVE : channels.vlive.tv/DB347F/video


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  • 무대랑 너무 잘어울려ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ빨리 공연에서 봐유

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  • *ENG SUB* 0:05 [12/19/2020 set for Idol LIVE concert "MIC ON 2"] [eating while holding dalguna/guitar] 0:18 it's very tasty~ avocado... idk what kind of taste it is. does avocado taste like anything? or do i just have bad tastebuds? like, I want to decide if it tastes bad or good but since it doesn't taste like anything... (confusing because in korean "taste bad" = literally "without flavor") 0:53 [thinking hard] hm... all i can taste is the texture // this is from the restaurant I mentioned. it tastes very healthy. oh right! I guess this scene is the first thing you will see... this is the set of LG U+ Idol LIVE Concert. I just arrived here at the waiting room, and I'm eating this for the 3rd day in a row. Anyway, I'm eating right now and I have rehearsal soon. 2:25 This is medium rare... I've starting cooking steak recently, so I think I can tell the difference between cook level now. For beef, you cook it more depending on the cut of the meat. For example, sirloin has a lot of fat so you cook sirloin and other fatty/tough cuts "medium well done" or "well done" to melt the fat and get a better taste. In comparison, you can cook tenderloin less since it's already very good. If you cook it too long it can ruin the taste. 3:36 I heard grilled pineapple is a divisive food. Personally, I think it's not bad. // I'll have to finish it when I come back. I have to prepare for rehearsal now. 3:55 [practicing JUST U, the first song] [The vocal in Team Sewoon is so cool] Staff: Is it alright? // SW: Yes, the sound is fine. [Sewoon monitoring his rehearsal carefully] [Rehearsal completed successfully!] 4:57 It's been so long since I wore earrings... // Staff: Oh no, it disappeared // Staff2: It's over here. Here-- // [Sewoon doesn't hear and keeps looking] // SW: I'll confes-- oh. Thank you. How did you know (I dropped them)? // Staff: It was very obvious... 5:23 It's been a long time since I wore this kind of clothes too. These days I can't do many performances so it's been a while... It feels strange since I usually dress very comfortably/casually. 5:51 [filmed on 12/19/20] Staff: The track list for the PT. 2 album is releasing in 1 hour. // SW: Oh, i see. Pt. 2 is finally coming out everyone! I'm curious... First of all, like it says let's try to stay positive everybody. This isn't the end. I hope you guys are excited for the release. This time, it's not really a "hwaiting" but more of a "leggo" kind of vibe. (*not sure abt this part but I think he's referencing In The Dark) 6:31 I'll be back guys~ See you on stage! [Idol LIVE Concert START!] [Enter Team Sewoon's main rapper] 7:19 MC: Aegyo in 3, 2, 1 [please make everyone see sewoon's aegyo] // SW: Ah...sorry 7:53 [stuck on his shoulder] [sewoon sees it] 8:27 Thank you for. working. hard. everyone. // 8:37 This is the end of Idol LIVE Concert! These days It's rare to perform on stage, and every time I feel the absence of your voices. I really miss singing with you guys and hope that day can come again quickly. I think this whenever I perform, so it might be repetitive, but I hope the day comes when we can all gather and sing together again. Thank you. Let's see each other soon! And Part 2 HWAITING. [Let's meet offline eventually LUCKYs!]

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  • Is he solo please someone reply

  • 이날 진짜 오랜만에 라이브로 듣는 곡들이 많아서 좋았는데ㅠㅠ 비하인드 좋네유 히히

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  • Starship , please English and Spanish subtitles, we need them

  • So cute but we need English subtitles ASAP PLS

  • Starship, please upload behind the scenes clip of Sewoon and Cravity @Inkigayo.ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Is so beautiful and CUTE ILove 😇💖💙🎶🎸SAY YES BABY😇

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    • Hi if you could and want to help, I'm gathering people to ask starship about English subs, if you want contact me on twitter at @ myer87 🍀

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