[Dance Practice] 우주소녀(WJSN) - Last Dance

게시일 2021. 04. 19.
Artist : 우주소녀 (WJSN)
Song : Last Dance
Release date : 2021.03.31 6PM

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  • Hi

  • Very nice song for this comeback..cannot wait for the Subunit The BLACK 😍😍😍

  • new fav group

  • Best choreography everrrr


  • wjsn Signature Move

  • 우주소녀 시그니쳐 무브

  • Top 3rd Generation K-pop Performance Rankings Team

  • 3세대 퍼포먼스 랭킹 1위 팀

  • hahahahahah Thank u starship

  • Personally I like this song being a title song.

  • this looks and sounds very close to what izone was doing recently. Same composer/choreographer?

  • 😍😍😍

  • impressive as always

  • Thinking and wishing Starship would release Let's dance, Badaboom, and Oh my summer dance practice

  • L'instru me fait trop penser à in the jungle de Rilès, fallait que je le dise.

  • 저는 다영님이랑 수빈님 음색이 너무 좋아용

  • really digging soobin's new hair👍


  • WJSN 💗

  • So Gorgeous!

  • Yeonjung 😍

  • I'm crying omg this is so good I'm happy I stanned them although I'm a little late. I watched true beauty and saw Dayoung acting as Chen and I was so annoyed by her character(She is a great actress) Then after some time I saw that she was an Idol from WJSN and that's how she became my bias. Also She is a great dance and I can't believe she isn't part of the dance line.

    • She known as robot dancer in kpop girl groups, since she likes to cover lots of group dance no matter boy groups or girl groups and likes to learn other group dance while during free time, you can search some title in youtube such as they have activities together with oh my girls, momoland for guessing who knows more dance cover, and Dayoung can almost dance all the kpop songs and lastly wjsn win for that activities

  • 다른 건 다 스쳐가고 찢어진? 청바지만 계속 눈에 들어오네요. 의류 광고인 줄..;;;

    • 그만큼 다원이 춤을 잘 췄다는거죵?

  • I live for this 💖

  • Starship they are ready... I hope the next cmbk will be a song like this

  • I fucking love this song to bits but I feel like the whole choreography had potential to be even better than this, I still love it regardless and this isn't hate at all I promise but I just feel like this just had potential to be even bigger and even better than this. Still love everything about this song and dance tho

  • 댄브 너무 멋있다 댄스포지션인 보나 여름이 눈에 띄긴하지만 다른 멤버도 너무 잘한다

  • ✌😍✌

  • ❤❤❤

  • Watch it 11 times just so my eyes can follow all of them to appreciate this dance

  • 첫번째 벌스가 소녀시대 체크 랑 되게 비슷하네...

  • the camera could be closer... but i love my girls

  • Why starship never gave cam move ver.??

  • 2:47 how bona n yeoreum change side to the back without hitting on luda and exy👏😳

  • Last dance 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Luda❤️

  • 期待MV出来

  • I really like this part ❤️ (2:50)

  • 2:03 Miss Dawon on FIREEEE

  • Dayoung is soooo beautiful here

  • Focus on 2:37 to 3:01. W O W 🔥♥

  • Dayoung's voice can fit on any song. Bless my ear, Dayoung-a thank you for existing.💛

  • When Dayoung move and do all the details or rotation, feel like she's burnin'. 🔥💯✨

  • Dayoung will give you 10001% performance but still hidden to others.

  • Omo Dayoung-aaaaa🔥

  • 라댄 퍼포먼스 넘 좋아 곡의 감정을 안무에 잘 표현했어용 기승전결도 잘 느껴지공 랩파트 는 진짜 퍼포먼스 킬링하이라이트! 역시 미연샘 👍 역시 우주소녀❤

  • Ok but a DANCE PRACTICE FOR A BSIDE TRACK????? AM I DREAMING??? WJSN been feeding us good lately huh?

  • 기다렸다구요 진짜 개조아

  • Bona's dancing is so clean and so precise. Love watching her.

  • 짱좋ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • The song, the choreo... everything is so wjsn

  • Ever since im a low key with Dayoung... but these... THESE! These slapped me real hard.. I see u gurl..!

  • Exyyyyyyyyy 😍 amazing Energy love her!!!

  • 미연쌤을 국회로

  • 안무 희열 ..

  • It's lovely, but I liked the old days when they put the mp3 audio on it instead of just room sound.

  • Daebak, WJSN ❤

  • 2:39 여기도 개좋음 걍 하 ;;; 표현할 말이 없네 그냥 아

  • 1:29 걍 개좋음 진짜 걍 뭐라 말 못하겠음 굉장히 좋음 ;;;

  • Siêu hay luônnnn . Yêuuuu 언니들 사랑해용 너무 너무 너무 사랑해 많이 많이 많이 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • this choreo is a breath of fresh air, it has a few dance moves that we dont see too often in kpop. i like it a lot!

  • 처음 도입이랑 후렴 들어기 전이랑 댄브랑 엔딩이랑 그냥 다 좋아요 미연쌤 오래오래 우주소녀와 함께 해주세요

  • I think this album (unnatural and last dance song) contains SeolBo more intensively than previous albums kkkkk

  • Yes!!!!!

  • 다원 리얼 여신 같아..

  • best part last dance,last kiss

  • This is a definition of perfection.

  • SOOBIN 💓💓💓

  • That's fantastic!

  • Yeoreum’s bye bye bae is insane I just can’t

  • Can't take my eyes off EunBo, they slay the choreography as always!!

  • 춤이 이렇게 이뻤구나 웆소 외모에 가려져서 몰랐엉 ㅠ

  • Dayoung is the best dancer. Her dance is soooo powerful

  • Dayoung is killing me with this grey hair and I've appreciated her so much more ever since her appearance in Love Revolution.

  • Clip Special please

  • 애들 춤선 왜 이렇게 좋아졌지.. 미연쌤 안무 짱이다 bbbbbb

  • Is it just me that thinks music shows didnt give enough justice to the beauty this choreo has? This is such an amazing choreo!!

  • Its saddening, wjsn’s best dancer wasnt even here but i can tell theyre slaying and improving

  • Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • You can tell they prepared a lot for this comeback

  • 다영 춤 너무 잘춰ㅠ

  • 임다영 파워 춤선 미쳤다... 사랑해 우리 애기😍❤

  • last dance hits so perfectly and this choreo just makes it even stronger like dang this album was so good

  • Ok so I'm not really an ujung but I always watch their dance practice videos for whatever reason. Not really sure why, but at some point they really caught my eye (I think it was something about their teamwork and how you can tell they put in a lot of effort, esp in synchronization) They've always been good dancers, but they improved so so much over the past couple of years! And I think this choreo might actually be one of my favorites as it's not overly elaborate (lol dreams come true who?) and it highlights their strengths well. Plus the whole bridge and final chorus are mesmerizing

  • This could be title track❤️


  • ♥︎

  • Omg dayoung queen 😭✨✨

  • 😍😍😍

  • damn dayoung


  • LAST DANCE LAST KISS, SeolBo print !!

  • 2:38 god i love bona dancing here!!! so much power

  • love from oman

  • A petition for Last Dance to be a follow up comeback !! This will hit different with E-girl outfit on stage performance tho 🤯

  • The satisfying feeling watching this 🔥🔥

  • Ujung say thankyou miyeon ssaem for this freaking beautiful choreography for our wuju !

  • They really give 300% for this dance practice !

  • The synchronization is so on point ! AS EXPECTED WJSN !